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Bloom Technology is a company that researches and develops Blockchain technology,
the core of the fourth industrial revolution.


Over the past 20 years, experts in network security and engine technology, which are the foundations of the block chain, have gathered together to research and develop Blockchain technology, which is the core of the 4th industrial revolution based on their technology. bloom Technology was born to become a leader in a wide range of fields such as finance, games, AI, and smart city.




Locus Chain is a distributed ledger cryptocurrency in both blockchain and blockless based Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) systems. Our goal is to achieve the highest level of security while at the same time delivering the fastest speed. This will be a unique technology for all Blockchain businesses including cryptocurrency.

Block chain consulting

The changes based on Blockchain technology are reflected in not only the financial sector
but also in other industries including healthcare, IoT, retail, transportation and online services.
Bloom Technology has a team of experts with more than 20 years of IT experience
developing the most advanced blockchain technology.
Based on these know-hows in online game development and service, smart city, and E-government system, we will participate
in the consulting process as a strong partner to create the best possible results.


Compound Mining Solution of Bloom Technology

We provide a dedicated Mining Board with low power + low heat generation.
We provide high efficiency Mining S / W of 20 ~ 30% compared to
With the best H/W and S/W specialized company.

block chain

Blockchain technology has been around for over a decade, but it has been just over a year since it has attracted much attention and enthusiasm.
But we already combined the block engine technology with the game engine 10 years ago and realized that this technology will be the
core of the fourth industrial revolution.
Therefore, we are ready to apply the block-chain technology, which seems to be far away from the real world,
to real life and develop it as a technology that anyone can use.

Bloom Technology’s Blockchain technology innovation is on its way!


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